Pro-Spotlight Winner: Devin McDonald

Devin McDonald : Albuquerque, New Mexico

Devin McDonald is an integral part of FatSack Tackle’s testing team and focuses on the constant improvement of spinner and buzz baits.

Background: “I started fishing at a really early age with my dad and began entering tournaments in junior high. That progressed into team tournaments in the mid ‘80s and then into major tournaments in the mid ‘90s.”

Specialty: “I would say finesse fishing is my strength. Small jigs to small swim baits, and of course, the good old drop shot.”

Tournament Highlights:

  • Multiple “Angler of the Year” wins in various team tournaments
  • AAA, Two Top 10 Wins in the FLW National Guard and finished the season 17th overall

Favorite FatSack Tackle Products: “I love the spinner baits and buzz baits! They both run very true and cast better than any other. I never really need to make any adjustments to either bait.”