These A-Rigs come in four different styles and are designed to simulate a school of shad in a more natural manner than your standard umbrella rigs.

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The A-Rigs, from Fatsack Tackle, have four different styles and are designed to simulate a school of shad in a more natural manner than your standard umbrella rigs. Following the initial craze of the umbrella rigs, anglers began to desire something new, something different than the uniformity provided by your typical looking umbrella rig. Fatsack Tackle engineered an umbrella rig that more accurately mimicked the schools of shad bass feed upon. With 4 different styles to choose from each having a specific modification big fish can target easier prey and almost guarantee they will get at least one of the shad from the tightly formed bait ball.

What’s really works for anglers is they can now place their hooked baits at the back of the formation – this has been the more productive setup for a few reasons. First, the hooked baits are now easiest for the fish to get allowing more hook-ups on strikes. Additionally, because the larger swimbaits are in the back of the pack, it gives fish more incentive to attack what appears to be an easy meal of the bigger shad as stragglers behind the pack. Some anglers have also said they believe it creates a two-tiered feeding cycle as if the larger forage were preying upon the smaller triggering an instinctual feeding of nearby predators. Whatever the reason, the 4 designs we offer has become the most popular for fishermen across the country.

When rigging any of the Fatsack A-Rigs it is very important to use a particular setup to get the best results out of the technique. With that in mind, the first wires that have “no” snap swivels extending from the head are all going to be dummy baits – attached using the Owner CPS Spring Locks or Picasso Dummy Heads if you desire your rig to sink quicker or be fished deeper. As you examine the A- rig, any wire that doesn’t have a snap swivel we recommend the Keitech 2.8 Fat Swing Impact. The remaining wires, with snap swivels and are the furthest from the line tie, will be your actual baits with hooks – we like the Keitech 4.8 Fat Swing Impact for these. The Keitech baits swim well at any speed and are very conveniently sized for this presentation.

  1. 5 wire “FATTY RIG” – Great for strippers and large bass due to the heavy wire construction of the A-rig and has 3 hooked baits.
  2. 5 wire “ARIZON RIG” – A little more finesse style A- rig to be fished tighter to cover with some flash and only 2 hooked baits.*
  3. 5 wire “CALI RIG” – Lots of flash to really get their attention in dirty or stained water and to really mimic a bait ball rushing through the water. This rig has 3 hooked baits.
  4. 7 wire “CRUSHER RIG” – the Smasher Rig was designed to have 4 dummy baits and 3 hooked baits. So when the situation calls for a lot of baitfish schooling without a bunch of flash this is the rig to pick up.

* In Arizona and Nevada the maximum allowance of hooked baits is 2. Check your local regulations for how hooked baits you are allowed to have.

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Fatty Rig, Arizona Rig, Cali Rig, Crusher Rig


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