FatSack Tackle’s philosophy is to create “clients” not customers. Give us a try and discover the difference – we’d love to add you to our growing list of loyal clientele across the country. Read through the testimonials and decide for yourself!

“FatSack products are such high quality compared to competitors – like the difference between shopping at Nordstrom vs. Target. FatSack uses the best hooks, the best weights and overall, the lures perform better because they are more ‘natural’ and swim truer than anything I have tried before. FatSack lures are pretty much all I use now.”

Doug Copsey
Las Vegas, Nevada

“The best way to catch more bass and bigger bass is to trust your lures. FatSack Tackle has quality lures for just about every situation and season. I’ve been fishing them for two years now and I trust each FatSack lure I tie on. My favorites are their buzz baits, spinner baits, and innovative jigs. Quality materials and creative designs spells success and a fat sack at the end of the day!

Greg Parker
Kingman, Arizona

“Loving my FatSack ultra mag spinner baits and fizzles!”

David Houston
Columbia, Louisiana

“FatSack Tackle is the best – these lures have really helped me ‘up’ my game.”

Jason Billmaier
Newport Beach, California

Currently serving bass enthusiasts in more than 150 cities across the U.S.